All We Need is Love

As the JingleRing team started to work on changing the way that families could visit with Santa this year, one mission became very clear: We wanted to give people the option of having a Santa that represents their family.  So, we set out to find a cast of culturally diverse performers to fulfill the vision. Enter Santa D Sinclair, aka “The Real Black Santa.” For the past 19 years, The Real Black Santa or Santa D (as we call him), has dedicated his life and career “to making sure that we all remember to treat children the way they are supposed to be treated, because the Lord wants us to share love and kindness with them. That is why I do this; why I love being Santa.”  

As a former insurance salesman, Santa D’s fate was sealed while he was taking a course to renew his insurance license. “The gentleman that was teaching our class was also a professional Santa Claus. Every time we took a break from class, his phone was constantly ringing and his ringtone was the song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” After inquiring about the festive ringtone, a few conversations about being Santa Claus ensued. D was convinced this was his calling and “The Real Black Santa” was born! “I like watching the children get so excited and I certainly share their excitement for the season. And I get a real kick from both children and parents who lose their mind over my beard! I have more parents pulling my beard to see if it's real, because they don’t believe it's natural. First of all, this beard is my natural color, I don't dye it. This is me! I’ve been gray since I was 16 years old. So I love the fact that they don't believe it's real. It’s makes it really fun.” 

 In a year where our world has seemingly been turned upside down, Santa D has one simple approach for Santa this year; “The one thing that we're missing throughout this whole thing… the virus, social issues… the thing that we're missing in this country, is love. Love for God, loving our neighbors like ourselves… we’re missing love throughout the world and throughout the country. We're simply missing love.” 

That feeling of wanting to share love and fulfilling his promise to give to his community as Santa Claus brought Santa D to JingleRing. “I'm sincere about this. I think JingleRing is a great avenue as a fresh way to visit with Santa. I believe the new Santa normal will be virtual visits.” As the landscape for Santa and Mrs. Claus performers change, one belief is strong for Santa D. “We can change the world, those of us that put on a Santa suit. Whether representing with real beards or with theatrical beards, the spirit of Santa - unconditional love and giving to others – is real and can change this world. All we need is love.”