Santa Supports Special Needs

At JingleRing, we are committed to making sure all children have the most magical experience with Santa Claus. To make the magic happen, we set out to find a diverse cast of performers that give families the option of multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and American Sign Language (ASL). In addition, we have created a Sensitive Santa program to educate Santa & Mrs. Claus on visiting with children who have special needs.

Understanding that many of these children will be able to visit with Santa for the very first time because of the virtual platform that we built, we are very excited to offer Sensitive Santa to our JingleRing families. We know that every child is unique and there is no one correct way to interact, nor is there a perfect script that will make all children comfortable, but educating ourselves is a huge first step in the mission to make Santa visits accessible and magical to children of all ages and abilities.

Meet Tara Bange, JingleRing’s Special Education Director.

Tara created our Special Needs curriculum that helps prepare Santa for special visits. She has a Masters degree in Special Education and a Bachelors degree in both Early Education and Psychology. As a Special Needs educator today, Tara has been working virtually with her students, so she has the real-world experience we needed to help create our program within this new virtual world. Tara has knowledge on how to best communicate over a digital platform with children of all ability levels. Actively participating in an array of specialized training opportunities, Tara is able to have the most up-to-date information on best strategies for digital interactions. Tara says, “Digital platforms are new to many of us, but they do have many benefits just waiting to be utilized - most especially for children with special needs.”

When you book a JingleRing with Sensitive Santa, you will receive an email with a preparation resource packet to help your family prepare for your visit. The packet will include:

·      An outline of the experience

·      Sentence Starters

·      Questions to Practice

It is our mission at JingleRing to create a space where all children can have a magical visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus.