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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JingleRing?  

JingleRing is a live virtual visit with Santa from the safety & comfort of your home. Up to 4 guests can be invited to join the JingleRing fun with your family. Other options include Storytime w/ Santa, Storytime w/ Mrs. Claus, or a personalized pre-recorded video message from Santa.

Who created JingleRing?

JingleRing is the brainchild of the visionary team behind Santa’s Fantastical and PictureU (North America’s 2nd largest retail Santa operation). We’ve helped Santa visit with over 30 million people in the last 10 years at hundreds of locations.
Our team of artists, storytellers, and technologists have worked with Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and other world-class companies serving billions around the world. We are proud of our partnership with Santa to deliver the ultimate virtual experience live from The North Pole!

When can I make my JingleRing reservation?

Register now for our Pre-Sale to secure the best time slots and receive a 20% Pre-Sale discount from Nov 1 thru 3. On-Sale is Nov 5. Please note: Our initial sign-ups have been heavy. We strongly encourage you to register early and book your JingleRing ASAP.

Is JingleRing like a Zoom video conference?

JingleRing is a virtual experience, not just a virtual call. We built a secure and private platform to look unlike anything you've seen on any other video conferencing platform. It's magical and whimsical and full of fun for the entire family. You will feel like you are visiting with Santa or Mrs. Claus live on North Pole TV!

Do I have to install any apps or software?

Nope! We have made it super easy for you and your guests to login for your JingleRing. You can access your JingleRing visit with any internet enabled device using a modern browser.

How much does it cost?

JingleRing offers a variety of pricing options starting at $19.95 for a personalized pre-recorded video message and $24.95 for a live virtual visit with Santa. That’s almost 50% less than the national average for a Santa mall photo package!

Do you offer Group packages & discounts?

Yes! Perfect for your customers or employees with orders of 25 or more. Groups are processed offline as unique single-use gift codes starting at US$20 each. Contact us for more info.

How many children are included in a JingleRing visit?

A standard JingleRing visit includes up to 3 children in your family, from your home. There is an additional fee per child over 3 children with a limit of 5 children total. If you have over 5 children, Santa would need to schedule an additional JingleRing visit.

Can I personalize my JingleRing?

Absolutely! That is one of the best things about JingleRing. We proudly offer diverse cultural preferences so you can experience Santa as you wish to see him, in addition to multiple language options.You’ll be able to provide Santa with information on your children in your JingleRing family profile such as: what they want for Christmas, their house elf names, pet names, things that deserve praise (ex: great grades) and things could use improvement (ex: clean room). We know how impactful it can be for this type of information to be relayed through Santa. 😉

Does JingleRing accommodate children with special needs?

Yes! Santa can communicate with all children (it is part of his magic), he even knows American Sign Language! Santa understands that every child has different needs, and has experience working with children of all abilities. Santa is ready to make your child’s experience as magical as it can be!
JingleRing also offers sensory and timing accommodations. Families will have access to resources that will prepare your child for their Santa visit. These resources will help your child understand what to expect in order to have the best experience with Santa.

Will I receive a video or pictures with Santa?

Yes! You will receive an exciting shareable video of your visit with Santa. We also include a group photo from your session. Here’s the best part – they’re both free with your JingleRing!

What is the difference between a Host, Co-Host and Guest?

The Host is the individual who is booking the JingleRing. As a Host you are responsible for inviting your guests (should you choose to have any) and completing your family profile so that Santa has the proper info to personalize your JingleRing! The Host can invite up to 4 guests, from anywhere, to join their JingleRing.
A Co-Host can be designated if a parent or guardian is located in a different location than the host. This is perfect for military families with a parent deployed in another part of the world. Unlike a Guest, the Co-Host can interact with Santa during the child’s virtual visit.
A Guest must be invited by the Host to join in on a JingleRing. A guest can be located anywhere. Guests will be able to interact with the Host prior to Santa’s appearance. Once Santa arrives, all Guests will be muted and only the Host family can interact with Santa. All Guests will be included in photos and video.

How long is a JingleRing visit?

Live JingleRing sessions include some really fun on-screen entertainment for the family while waiting for Santa. Please set aside 10-20 minutes on average for your live JingleRing. Pre-recorded Santa visits are generally between 2 and 3 minutes long depending on how many children you have.

Does JingleRing offer a special military rate?

Yes! We are the worldwide exclusive partner for AAFES Exchange serving military communities at 155 bases all around the world. Military families who use the special AAFES link to register will automatically receive a 20% discount on JingleRing. Details on how to access the link coming soon. Please check back.

How early do I need to log on for my JingleRing?

We suggest that you log on 10 minutes before your session to make sure your video and sound are working properly. We will connect you with Santa as soon as possible after login.

How can I ensure I make my video look great on my end?

We suggest you frame yourself from your shoulders up. Make sure you are seated in a brightly lit room. Avoid a window or light directly behind you or to the side of you so you aren’t in shadow. Santa wants to see your beautiful face!

What kind of bandwidth do I need?

For best results please make sure you have a high-speed broadband connection. As a rule-of-thumb, what you experience for video conferencing on other platforms will be consistent with what you’ll find with us.

Will a laptop camera be suitable?

A laptop, desktop, iPad, or mobile camera will work just fine, but for the best experience please consider using a high-quality web camera. A mobile phone would be the least desirable option.

Do you have an affiliates program?

We do. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate partner, please send an email to:

I am Talent (Santa/Mrs. Claus helper) - how can I work with JingleRing?

Please click here to learn more and begin the casting process.